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Technical Conferences & Training Events

In a day and age where many professional fields require continuing education (whether formal or informal), tech conferences and training events are an effective way to meet these goals.  Along with development of personnel skills, job training, and provision of professional networking opportunities, tech conferences and training events play a significant role in fostering timely technical exchange within and technology arena; encourage technology transition; conduct program advocacy; establish and maintain a leadership role in a given research and development community; and provide marketing opportunities for an organization.  Effective planning for these events requires the know-how to identify the hot topics in a particular field, the ability to build and manage technical programming committees, the processes to conduct call for abstracts and paper selections, and the ability to build a program worthy of attendance by the leaders in the industry. With over 20 years’ experience providing this exact support, we’d like to help you with your event today.

Trade Shows & Expos

Trade shows are a unique animal.  There are large numbers of competing events in the market and so targeting your audience is critical, but even more important is effectively catching and maintaining their attention.  Trade shows are all about making connections and selling products and services.  You must aggressively pre-sell prospects before they arrive, fully engage them during the expo, and expeditiously follow-up with them to help generate repeat and additional sales for your exhibitors.  Managing smaller expos to managing industry-wide, high-volume, and large-scale shows can put the most experienced planner to task.  Give our team a call to help you launch or manage your existing expo or trade show.

Corporate & Association Events

As internal budgets shrink, outsourcing is the name of the game.  Not all organizations have the need or desire to staff a full time, full service event planning team.  Need a piece of the puzzle or the whole support team, Blue52 Productions provides customized solutions to support corporations and associations as they need it.  We augment your team, allowing you to focus your internal resources on your most important goals.  Full service event production, graphics support, registrars, web masters, writers…let us know how we can support you.

Government Events

Government conferencing always required a solid understanding of Joint Travel Regulations and agency instructions dictating the “do” and “don’ts of military and government events and event expenditures.  Now in the wake of GSA and VA conference scandals, the landscape seems to change daily.  New rules and regulations and interim and official guidance are released almost weekly by the different government agencies as they grapple to deal with the mess made by a few wreckless events.  Now the question lingers….how do we manage our event – which really is necessary and does impact our government, military, and national security – in light of the overwhelming and sometimes inconsistent guidance?  Our team, having supported government events for over 20 years, has managed events through this ever changing landscape.  Give us a call….we are happy to help you traverse this tricky environment and produce a successful event for you.

Product Launches

Need to launch a product or an event, but don’t know where to begin?  Our team will help you identify your target audience; determine the best path to reach them; tell a compelling story about your product; “tease” your audience with samples; create excitement and buzz around your launch date; and help promote demand and sales.

Exhibit Booth Designs

A professionally produced exhibit is the key to successful and rewarding trade shows. Make the most of your marketing dollars by allowing our graphics team to produce a custom exhibit to promote your brand and highlight your capabilities.

Whether you need an informative table top display or a full scale exhibit structure with lighting and accessories, our team has the experience and expertise to design, develop and deliver an innovative exhibit for your next event.

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